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Brittany poole   in reply to Brittany poole
Calm your mind
Close your eyes and know that I am here
I see your thoughts I see your pain I see your reason your going insane
your addiction is getting worse get away from the crystal that's going to bring you back to dirt the people you know let them all go
Let me take control let me lead you from disaster
When you go to work just think of my name
I'm gonna bless you for I will bless you as long as you trust in my name
Your a leader I'm calling your name
Don't try to change a life I will use you in many ways you can not imagine
Mentor my name to those with a deep passion ones that are lost stay away pray that's all you do because I the lord is going to take care of you

Brittany Poole

The Lord spoke to me about addiction I wanted to share it with you:)
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Brittany poole
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